SYNLAB is a Belgian medical laboratory which performs a highly comprehensive range of tests in the fields of clinical biology, anatomopathology and veterinary medicine. It also specialises in the analysis of measuring biological parameters specific to the field of functional and nutritional medicine.

This specialist nutritional department serves the whole of Europe, America and Asia, receiving samples in temperature-controlled conditions thanks to express courier providers such as DHL and FedEx.

In fact, thanks to its network of airport hubs, samples arrive in record time and in optimum conditions for a quality guarantee.

By way of support for its preventive testing services, SYNLAB offers practitioners the following tools:

  • A graphical representation and interpretation of all test results.
  • Top-level scientific support, overseen by a Scientific Committee comprised of world-renowned experts.
  • Every year, new test profiles are developed at the initiative of the Scientific Committee.
  • Skilled and efficient technicians, all experienced in the latest technologies, are in charge of technically validating these new tests and rolling them out into standard practice.
  • Biologists, experts in their field, are in charge of clinical validation.

Our mission

The mission of SYNLAB is to provide fast, high-quality test results with professional medical and scientific follow-up and support. Same-day results for more than 85% of the parameters tested.

Laboratoire Roman Païs currently employs over 90 people including practitioners and biologists, technicians, administrative and support staff, secretaries and drivers.


  • Clinical biology analysis (over 1000 parameters)
  • Functional and nutritional biology profiles and analysis
  • Performing specialist tests on behalf of other Belgian and foreign laboratories


We have a number of general departments dealing with

  • haematology
  • immunohaematology
  • coagulation and haemostasis
  • chemistry
  • endocrinology
  • therapeutic monitoring
  • infectious serology
  • non-infectious serology
  • microbiology
  • RIA
  • chromatography
  • atomic absorption
  • occupational medicine
  • veterinary
  • anatomopathology
  • functional and nutritional biology