Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked


Where do I go to have my blood sample taken?

If you are an international patient, you can either call a homecare nurse to visit you at home, or make an appointment with one of our partner laboratories.

Do I need to fast before giving the sample?

That depends on what test you need. If in doubt, do not eat anything or ask your doctor.

Do I have to fill all the tubes I receive?

The tubes contained in your test kit are the ones needed for your analysis and they must therefore all be filled.

If I have to give several urine samples as well as blood samples, which should I do first?

First produce the urine samples, keep them in the fridge and then do the blood sample last.

Where and how should I store my samples until the courier comes to collect them?

Keep your samples in the bottom shelf of your fridge.

How are the samples collected?

If you are an international patient, your samples will be collected by a suitable express courier service. The instruction sheet included in your test kit will give the telephone number to call to arrange the pickup and will explain what you need to do.


When will I get my results?

Most clinical biology test results are available within 48 hours.
For nutritional analyses, you will need to wait 2-4 weeks.

Can I have a copy of my results?

If you are an international patient, you will be sent a copy of your results after it has been sent to the prescribing doctor.


How soon will I receive my test kit?

It takes us five working days to send out each kit. Our deliveries are sent out on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, so if possible place your order the evening before or earlier.

What is the gel pack for?

This gel pack is used to ensure your samples travel safely. Place it in the freezer and when it is frozen, make sure it goes in the bag with your samples so they remain fresh during transport.

What is the absorbent towel for?

The towel is for absorbing any urine that leaks during transport. It is one of the requirements of the UN 3373 regulation that governs the transport of biological substances.


How do I send my blood sample?

Please refer to our Instructions for Patients.

Where should I put the waybill?

Give the waybill to the courier who will give you back one copy to keep for your records.


How can I contact your payment department?

Our department is open every day from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm, call +32 (0) 10 685 100.

How and when do I need to pay?

Once all the tests have been completed, an invoice will be sent to your home address together with a payment form explaining all the possible payment methods - cheque, credit card, bank transfer or on-line.

Will I receive an invoice?

Yes, an invoice will be sent to your home address once all the tests have been completed.

How much will my blood test cost?

You can contact us at any time to find out how much your tests will cost.

How can I pay?

You can pay by cheque, credit card, bank transfer or on-line.