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for patients

For international patients

During the appointment with your doctor, he will give you an analysis request form/prescription stating which nutritional tests you need to have.

This prescription must include your full details (name, surname, date of birth, gender, address and telephone number) as well as the doctor's stamp, his details and what tests he has prescribed.

Before we can carry out any tests, we need:

  • the request form/prescription from your doctor (this must be enclosed with the samples you send us).

How do I send my samples to Laboratoire Romain Païs?

  • a cardboard box;
  • an insulated bag with a gel pack that you need to freeze and place in with your samples to ensure they reach us safely;
  • a plastic DHL/FedEx/UPS mail bag;
  • a DHL/FedEx/UPS waybill that you need to complete as follows:
    1. Write your name and surname
    2. Write your address
    3. Write your postcode
    4. Write your telephone number
    5. Sign
    6. Date

Important: Do not change any of the pre-printed information or pre-ticked boxes.

Then place your samples in the Specimen Transport Bag, place this in the insulated bag together with the frozen gel pack, then place the whole package in the cardboard box.

Place the box in the DHL/FedEx/UPS mail bag.

Complete the waybill as described above and order a pickup by phoning the number stated on the instruction sheet included with the test kit.

Hand the package to the courier when he arrives. He will give you your copy of the waybill, which you should keep in case there are any problems.

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For international patients
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